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iPad mini

A couple of months after its launch is a good time to look at how this new offering from Apple has affected the workplace. Two months is just long enough to be truly comfortable with the mini’s features and not long enough to be distracted by the latest tablet. Bear in mind my test drive bracketed the festive season and long summer holiday, which come in one big rush down here.


  • Portability - the mini fits almost any man-bag
  • Palm-top – allowing simultaneous coffee consumption
  • Note-taking – surprisingly easy for small touch keyboard
  • Multimedia handling – useful for reference sources
  • Web browsing on the move
  • Does what clinical PDAs were supposed to do


  • Lack of accessories at time of launch
  • Rear surface too slippy for palm-top operation
  • Not as happy as iPad 2 with data projector and VGA adaptor
  • Lack of Flash capability still irritates

The wrap: in summary, the iPad mini combines a fully-featured eBook reader, with the multimedia needed for image-laden medical reference works, clinical apps like Epocrates and the Sanford Guide, and standard tablet computer functions such as word processing, spreadsheet operation and digital presentation.